SPY PETS network

Any Agent would be silly not to read up on the founders of the SPY PETS network, Agent ANDY and Agent GM451 (Lara). You can review their history further down the page.



Hi, my name’s Lara and I live with Andrew Cope and his family. I adopted Andrew when he visited the RSPCA a few years ago.

If you’ve read the books you’ll already know my story. You’re probably aware that I’m not called Lara at all. Lara just stands for ‘Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal’. I don’t actually have a name, just a reference number, GM451, given to me by the secret service.

As you can see, I’m an ordinary mutt on the outside. Check out my beautiful face and superb sticky-up ear. But I’m no ordinary mutt on the inside. Although I do my best to act like an ordinary dog, I sometimes get drawn into adventures that require my special talents! The children and I have had a few scrapes since I retired from active service as a spy.

Andrew Cope writes about my adventures. But his spelling isn’t always very good so I have to help him out!

Top 10 facts about me:

  1. I’m the world’s first ever spy dog
  2. I got a Wii for Christmas and am pretty good at Mario Cart and brain training (I can beat Andy at both!)
  3. I am 63 years old (that’s in dog years of course)
  4. I can understand seven languages, including English, Japanese and Dolphin
  5. I love banana and salami sandwiches
  6. I’m a decent goalkeeper
  7. I can drive a car and ride a bike
  8. I’m toilet trained
  9. I’ve got a bullet hole in my stick-up ear
  10. I’m learning to fly a helicopter


This is a picture of my owner, Andrew Cope (most people call him Andy). Sometimes we do school visits and he comes along with me. He’s an alright bloke I suppose.

He’s married to Louise and they have a couple of children called Sophie and Ollie. I like the children a lot.

Andy loves football and he’s always getting upset because his team (Derby County) nearly always seems to lose! He doesn’t seem to get much spare time but when he does he likes to listen to music or take me for a walkies.

He’s a bit weird really because he hardly ever watches the telly.

I'll tell you 10 interesting things about him:

  1. When he was little he lived in West Africa
  2. He owns 2 pigs called Hargreaves and Rooney
  3. His fave movie is School of Rock
  4. He hates olives and brussel sprouts
  5. His fave book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  6. His fave holiday destination is North Devon
  7. He is learning to surf
  8. When he was little his ambition was to play for Derby County
  9. He once trod on a mouse trap
  10. Andy also teaches people how to be happy (Check it Out)