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Andy and I are happy to do school visits. We normally run a half day event. Andy does an assembly where he does all the talkie bits (cos I’m a dog so I can’t really help out there).

He then sets a writing challenge and he and I wander round the classes while all the children write a story for us. I normally get patted and stroked a lot which is great! Andy quite often gets completely ignored which is even better! Then we go back to the hall where a few brave ones read out their stories.

Andy normally brings some very special prizes and I get to meet loads of children. It’s great fun. If you would like Andy and I to come to your school please email one of us.

We also sometimes send our right hand man, Will. He helps Andy and I keep track of some of Spy Cat Agent Shakespears missions, but he's been to the highest standards and we think you'll have a great time.

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School visit

Andy in assembly

Andy and Lara